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Is it possible to lose weight with mushrooms?

Do you know that problem, that the kilos come on easier but go off!


After trying everything, I started looking into the possibilities that medicinal mushrooms could offer. It turns out that there are mushrooms that are extremely suitable for that. Below I highlight a few.


Take the Reishi mushrooms for example. Eating these mushrooms increases your metabolism, which helps you lose fat and burn more calories. The advantage of using these mushrooms is that it also helps rid the body of unwanted toxins and fat. That also helps in the fight against the kilograms.


In addition to the Reishi mushrooms, we also know the Maitake mushroom. This mushroom not only encourages weight loss, but also lowers blood sugar levels. The latter in turn helps with weight loss by reducing sugar peaks (craving for sweet snacks).


And last but not least we have the Cordyceps. Athletes claim that these mushrooms increase their energy levels, through improved oxygen binding to the cellular level in the human body, and their stamina. Well and if you help that, you can perform longer and therefore burn more.

It is therefore clear that the above mushrooms already help to lose weight by influencing the metabolic process, the sugar level and/or the energy level and endurance. But then there is something else that comes into play, I read, and that is that mushrooms are a good substitute for eating meat. Well and less meat certainly does not hurt a varied lifestyle.


I don't know about you, but I'm done, bring on those mushrooms!