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Raadhuisplein 4 • 2042LR Zandvoort • Netherlands

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    Terracotta TCM Europe BV
    Raadhuisplein 4
    2042LR Zandvoort
    the Netherlands
    +31 23 5767892
    +31 (0)6 200 64 148

    We want to do our part to bring people closer to the most powerful remedies nature has to offer, providing meaningful solutions to some of the greatest challenges in Western medicine. Sustainable management and social responsibility are more important to us than growth and profit.

    We rely on Traditional Chinese Medicine. The nature surrounding us offers a rich wealth of remedies. We just need to (re)discover it and adapt it to modern knowledge.

    Our first and foremost priority is the selection of only the best available, genuine and proven extracts from carefully formulated mushrooms and plants in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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