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Is your libido lower rather than higher?

If a lot of research has been done with a positive result on one mushroom, both in the West and in the East, it is the Cordyceps. We know of two types of this mushroom, the Cordyceps Sinensis and the Cordyceps Militaris. Without going into further detail, we can assume that the Cordyceps Militaris is the most used. This is mainly due to the fact that the costs associated with harvesting the Cordyceps Sinensis are extremely high (the costs quickly amount to $20,000 per kilo).


In China - and unfortunately still little in the West - Cordyceps is used by many top athletes to increase their performance. For example, the Chinese team is known to have achieved impressive team performances at the 1992 Olympic Games. Several world records were broken. This of course immediately attracted attention and people immediately thought of the use of prohibited 'performance enhancing' substances, such as steroids. However, it soon became apparent that the Chinese had used a lot of Cordyceps. Cordyceps contributes to oxygen delivery at a cellular level in the body and with more oxygen in the body, you are able to perform better and/or to sustain physical efforts for longer.


This mushroom is also known to be a libido stimulant in both men and women and to have an effect on the quality of the male sex hormones and thus on sperm and sperm production. It has been scientifically shown that Cordyceps increases the hormone level and thus the fertility of women. An effective means to use if you want to get pregnant or if you want to support IVF treatment.


Sufficiently convinced? Then try Cordyceps!