Powerhouses! Mushrooms: Tasty and Healthy!

Mushrooms are culinary wonders and a powerhouse of health, rich in essential nutrients such as fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins. They promote good mood and strong bones with Vitamin D, increase energy with B vitamins, and support heart health and immune function, recognized in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Summer to fall

As summer gives way to fall, colds and flu often come into play. It's actually the same every year: with the fall of the leaves and the colder and rainier weather, the season of colds and flu also begins. You hear people coughing, sneezing and regularly picking up their nose or [...]

Last Tuesday, September 5, 2023 we received this message from a customer!

Good morning, it is now Tuesday, September 5, 2023, the day on which I received good news from my specialist. As you know, in 2020, as an 87-year-old woman, I was diagnosed with colon cancer. This was followed by intestinal surgery in which part of my colon was removed and unfortunately a number of complications occurred. You can […]

In addition to the existing products, TerracottaTCM now also has 'TINCTURES'!

The developments within Terracotta TCM Europe BV follow each other in rapid succession. Where we started with products consisting of a combination of mushrooms, such as our Rockstar, Bohdi Zhi, Xi'An, Amitabha and Shou Xing, we have subsequently developed new products consisting of a combination of mushrooms, but now supplemented with herbs and vitamins: hormone […]

Our gut is our second brain, did you know?

There are more and more indications, but also more and more studies show that our intestines and our brains communicate directly with each other. The most recognizable is that, for example, in the situation when you are experiencing stress, how often does it not happen that you have or get problems with your stomach? Long is it […]

Hormone Harmony

Hormone Harmony balances my body when it is needed most! The product Hormone Harmony includes Ashwaganda. Ashwaganda is one of the most important herbs in Ayurveda, traditional Indian medicine. The herb has a revitalizing effect on your body. Ashwaganda calms you down and makes you more resilient to physical and mental stress. Because you are relaxed and can rest better, Ashwaganda ultimately gives you more energy. Nice during those times when you need it the most. Red Clover is known to help reduce menopause symptoms. During menopause and menopause, estrogen levels drop in women. This loss causes transitional problems such as hot flashes, bone problems, inflammation of joints and sleeping problems.

Relax, relax and keep you sharp.

If you combine the forces of two special sources in nature, what will that yield? In any case, a product that can hold its own very well next to and between other sedatives. “In the right proportions, mushrooms and herbs can produce great results!” For example, we know from the book “Medicinal Mushrooms” by Peter van Ineveld that Cordyceps sinensis is a mushroom that occurs in the highlands of Tibet, Nepal and China and that it supports the human body by increasing performance. , improve the condition strengthen cognition (memory, concentration). While it is also known that the Hericium erinaceus – the wig fungus – is used in China for stress and emotional complaints.

Chaga: Anti-Aging Hero?

Chaga also known as "The mushroom of immortality". As we get older, we all know the ailments associated with it. Gradually we feel more and more pains, we are less able to get out of our feet, we sometimes forget something and yes unfortunately our body does not get any better with age. Is there nothing I can do about it now I wonder? Can't we slow down that aging a bit? I don't expect to stop completely, but still? In my search for a solution on the internet, I came across a fascinating article that explained how the aging process works and what we could do to get a better grip on it. But what is aging really? A definition I found says something like this:

Where does naturopathy actually come from?

Did you know that the medicines we use today stem from a long tradition of medicine that goes far back in time. Think of ancient China with its traditional medicine (3000 BC), ancient Egypt (around 2000 BC) and the old traditions within the African tribes. This medicine mainly developed within one's own country and within one's own culture, but with the increase in trade routes and the migration of people, the development of medicine was influenced by it. Part of that knowledge ended up in Western Europe via the Greeks and Romans, where this information was written down and stored. That was not surprising because many monastic orders studied this information, were educated, could write and also mastered the art of printing.

Is your libido lower rather than higher?

If a lot of research has been done on one mushroom, both in the West and in the East, with a positive result, it is the Cordyceps. We know two species of this mushroom, the Cordyceps Sinensis and the Cordyceps Militaris. Without going into further detail, we can assume that the Cordyceps Militaris is the most commonly used. This is mainly because the costs associated with harvesting the Cordyceps Sinensis are extremely high (the costs quickly amount to $20,000 per kilo). In China - and unfortunately still little in the West - Cordyceps is used by many top athletes to increase their performance. For example, the Chinese team is known to have achieved impressive team performances at the 1992 Olympic Games.