Agaricus Blazei


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Unleash the Full Power of Agaricus Blazei

At Terracotta TCM Europe we unlock the full potential of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with our premium Agaricus Blazei Full Spectrum tincture. This carefully crafted essence reflects the deep-rooted traditions of medicinal mushrooms and brings ancient wisdom directly to the modern health-conscious consumer. Our tincture is an example of how age-old Eastern knowledge is interwoven with the quality requirements of the Western market.

The Benefits of Full Spectrum

The 'full spectrum' approach ensures that you benefit from all the nutrients that the Agaricus Blazei mushroom has to offer. Unlike isolates, which focus on only one component, our Full Spectrum tincture covers the entire range of bioactive compounds. This means that every drop not only carries the unique flavor of the mushroom, but also optimizes the synergistic action of all the nutrients present – from polysaccharides to beta-glucans and fiber – for your well-being.

An Ancient Mushroom for Contemporary Health

Agaricus Blazei, prized throughout the centuries in both Brazil and Japan and also known as the 'Mushroom of God', 'Mushroom of the Sun', and 'Princess of Mushrooms', is cherished for its rich nutritional profile. Our Agaricus Blazei Full Spectrum tincture is a celebration of this tradition, complemented by state-of-the-art extraction techniques to offer the most potent and pure form of this mushroom.

A Mushroom with Various Names and Properties

Our Agaricus Blazei tincture, offered as a full spectrum extract, provides a complex harmony of flavors and nutritional benefits. From its subtle almond flavor, which explains the nickname 'Almond Mushroom', to its adaptogenic properties that help balance the body under stress, to supporting the body's defense and immunity system. This tincture is an example of the diversity and potency of natural supplements.

Commitment to Quality and Purity

Terracotta TCM Europe is committed to using only the best ingredients for our nutritional supplements and tinctures. Our Agaricus Blazei Full Spectrum tincture is 100% organic, vegetarian, and free of gluten, soy, wheat, lactose, sugar, salt, preservatives, and artificial colors. Discover the age-old wisdom and power of mushrooms with the purity you deserve.


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