Shou Xing


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Terracotta TCM Shou Xing

  • Mushroom extracts
  • Biological
  • vegan
  • Vegetable capsules
  • Hot water and ethanol extraction


Shou Xing 

Unfortunately, in the context of European legislation regarding health claims, we are not allowed to disclose to consumers what Shou Xing can be applied to.
We can talk to you about this by telephone. If you are interested in the application of this product, please contact us: tel: 023 5767892. We are happy to assist you!


The composition

Maitake – Grifola frondosa

The maitake mushroom is native to northeastern Japan, but also grows and is cultivated in the United States and Europe. It grows in clusters at the base of oak trees and can reach a base diameter of 50 cm. A truss can weigh up to 45 kg. Maitake has a wavy, floral appearance reminiscent of dancing butterflies, hence one of its popular names "dancing mushroom".

In China and Japan, maitake mushrooms have been consumed for 3,000 years, valued for their legendary properties. The scientific name of maitake, Grifola frondosa, is derived from an Italian mushroom name referring to a mythological beast, half lion and half eagle. Years ago, the maitake in Japan had monetary value and was worth its weight in silver. In the late 1980s, Japanese scientists determined that maitake was more potent than shiitake, suehirotake and kawaratake mushrooms, all of which are used in traditional Asian herbalism to boost the immune system.








MD Fraction Maitake Extract
Maitake beta-glucan MD-Fraction is the original patented product made in Japan according to ISO standards. Maitake contains polysaccharides and the enzyme prolylaminopeptidase. It is used in Asia in the TCM herbalism.


Ophiocordyceps sinensis:

Terracotta TCM Shou Xing also contains OphioCordyceps this is a fungus – mushroom that lives as a parasitoid, entomopathogenic fungus in the hop rootworm larvae. This fungus produces a substance that is used as an herb in the mountainous regions of Nepal and Tibet. They live above the snow line ranging from 2300 – 3500 meters altitude. The constituents of most types of Cordyceps are cordycepine and its derivatives, polysaccharides, ergosterol, a glycoprotein and alpha amino isobutyric acid containing peptides.

Ophiocordyceps have been used for centuries in China within TCM.
Other names: catterpillar fungus, deer fungus, summer grass, winter worm (English), Kernkeulen (German), Ophiocordycipitaceae (French).






Terracotta TCM Shou Xing capsules are carefully composed and of the highest quality and checked by Eurofins. All Terracotta products are 100% vegetarian and free of gluten, soy, wheat, lactose, sugar, salt, preservatives and artificial colors.

Mushrooms are good to use to support the immune system or as therapy for chronic complaints, but you must receive the right advice from your therapist.
If the dose is too low or not the right combination of mushrooms, it may not do what you expect. Therefore, always contact a mycotherapist for the best advice or call us.

Additional information

Weight130 g
Dimensions22×13 cm
Product Type

180 Capsules, 90 Capsules


Contains 90 capsules

Ingredients per capsule:

Maitake – 280mg

Cordyceps Sinensis – 70mg

HPMC (100% vegetarian) capsules – < 0.1mg

usage advice:

1 to 3 capsules daily before meals unless otherwise advised.


Do not take if you are allergic to mushrooms


100% vegetarian ingredients

All Terracotta products are made from organic extracts of TCM quality, do not contain gluten, soy, wheat, lactose, sugar, salt, preservatives and artificial colors.

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      Exclusion clause

      Terracotta products are natural food supplements. A varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important. A nutritional supplement is no substitute for a varied diet.


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